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7 Cute Irish Airbnbs To Visit Post-Covid

So we can all agree then, we took a lot of things for granted before Covid-19.

Some more deep and meaningful (like seeing your family and friends). Others less meaningful, but still hard (like travel).

Bleak news reports inform us that international travel will not resume until 2023 at this stage.

But that won’t stop us dreamers from believing that it’ll be sooner. And moreover, from venturing on to every travel website while we whittle our hours away in quarantine.

We’re all making a list. And checking it twice. Daily. Once Covid-19 decides to leave us alone, we’ll be up, up and away!

And after you’ve seen these 7 Airbnb castles and cottages, I’m almost positive it’ll be Ireland that makes it to the top of your list.

1. The King’s Castle

Photo from Airbnb

This castle is located in Galway (hello, Ed Sheeran) and has been around since the late 1400s (…just a casual 600 years).

It looks like something right out of a medieval movie set.

There are 4 guests allowed in the master bedroom fitted with 2 beds at the top of the castle.

Owners Peter and Eva say, “It’s not pristine, it’s not perfect, but it’s a real castle.”

Check it out here.

2. Drummond Tower

Photo from Airbnb

If you’ve ever wanted to have a whole entire castle to yourself (yes, daily), then this will be the one for you.

Built in the Victorian period of 1858, this tower has 4 levels with a kitchen area on the bottom floor, above that a living room (featuring an extensive book collection), above that a bedroom with an ensuite (and views of the country side) and a top roof level (featuring 360 degree views dreamy views, apparently perfect for stargazing).

Check the castle and its dreamy photos out here.

3. Cosy Self-Contained Cottage

Photo from Airbnb

Castles are lovely, don’t get me wrong… but there is something maybe even more lovely about an Irish cottage. They may not be anywhere near as grand but they’re cute and cosy and the perfect place for a cup of tea.

This cottage is located in the South of Ireland, near coastlines and paddocks. Check it out here.

4. Courtyard Cottage Cabins

Photo from Airbnb

If you’re wanting something cute, tidy and green, then these restored cottages are simply beautiful. There is not much to say about them other than you need to check out the photos for yourselves .

Close to gorgeous Irish beaches and great walking locations, each cottage is individually designed. Find out more here.

5. Masters Cottage

Photo from Airbnb

This one is for all of the Normal People fans. If you, like me, binge watched the stunning show during quarantine, then you will no doubt no longer be immune to the town ‘Sligo’ where Marianne and Connell go to school.

This cottage is gorgeous in its own right. It is a 2 story 150 year old stone cottage, perfectly suited for a romantic getaway. Check it out here.

6. The Gatelodge

Photo from Airbnb

Once you see the photo of the bathroom (read: bathtub), you will just know that this one is a winner. I believe it may even have TWO baths! It looks cosy and clean complete with a pot belly stove, floorboards, fireplace and grand, brown couches. Check it out here.

7. The Hobbit Hut

Photo from Airbnb

Also known as ‘Glamping,’ this little place is apparently a cross between living like a hobbit and camping. The owners say their earth covered house is nice and toasty, decked out with a wood fired sauna and hot tub. You can even use their wood oven for pizzas and fire pit for toasted marshmallows. A few of the amenities are communal, but it looks ultra cosy nonetheless. See more photos here.

Which one of these would you chose? A castle or a cottage?

Where would your dream post-covid holiday destination be?


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