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The Lady Who Married The Guy From Her Train Commute

Zoë Folbigg is an author and journalist from Hertfordshire, England.

She is also a woman who made oogley eyes with her “Train Man” for a year and more to the point, married him.

So how did this love story begin?

(Warning: if you already have unrealistic expectation of love, do not read this. It will only make them larger than life.)

In an interview with This Morning, Zoë says she spotted the handsome stranger on her daily commute to her job working as a writer at a teen magazine. She would notice him every day.

She observed him reading books on the morning commute; books she had in fact previously read.

This would most likely mean that her crush was doubling on the daily, no doubt.

They didn’t speak but she called him ‘Train Man’ and would speak about him.

She told friends and colleagues about him for a whole year.

There was no progress until her birthday in 2004, when she decided to pass him a note as they got off the train.

It read:

“It’s my birthday and I think everyone should do something frivolous on their birthday and this is my thing.

“I think you look lovely. If you would like to go for a drink here’s is my email address. If not, happy travels and I’ll leave you in solitude.”

He replied to her email address, saying:

“Thank you. It was a lovely thing to do. I’d never have the guts to do something like that but unfortunately I have a girlfriend and I don’t think she’d like it if we went for a drink. Happy birthday, hope you have a nice day.”

But hope wasn’t lost.

Eight months later the now-single Train Man sent another email wondering if she still fancied a drink.

They met up. Discovered they were a perfect match. And the rest is history.

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Three months later they moved in together. Three years later they became engaged in Australia.

On their 12th anniversary, she wrote, “twelve years since our first date, 12 years smitten (OK, 13.5 for me).”

They now have two boys and Zoë has written three books – ‘The Note,’ ‘The Distance’ and ‘The Postcard” – with another book baby on the way.

She is also an avid macaroon baker according to her instagram.

Their story is one for the ages and proves that a moment of bravery may be the key to you living your best, romantic, lovely life.

Have you ever done anything as frivolous or brave as this? Where did it get you?

20 thoughts on “The Lady Who Married The Guy From Her Train Commute

    • Thanks for that. I agree – with all of the heavier news that has plagued 2020, it’s always important to know there are beautiful things in the world (love stories, books and macaroons being among the best). Take care!


  1. Yes! I have done something similar but not in a romantic sense. There was a woman from another organization in nearly every important business meeting I attended. She was smart, funny, straightforward, passionate and kind, and I found myself listening for her contributions. One day I walked up to her after a meeting and said the above and added, “I’d like to be friends.” After a moment of silence she giggled embarrassedly and said, “Whenever I see you I think the very same thing but would never have had the courage to say so.” We became quite close as the friendship grew over a period of years.

    One day she stopped speaking to me. I attempted to find out what had happened but she took no calls from me. Unfriended me on Facebook. I have never known why though I think it’s safe to assume I somehow unintentionally offended her. However, all is not lost. I’ve added a “must” criterion to my standards for friendship. Benefit of the doubt. If we say we’re friends, one must have the courage to say, “I didn’t like that,” so it can be discussed, and give benefit of the doubt that no harm was intended. She wasn’t courageous enough to do that. But then, she told me so way back in the beginning, didn’t she?

    What did Maya Angelou say? When someone tells you who they are, pay attention?

    Your blog is lovely. Thank you for the nice piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for sharing this story Pamela. Your courage did pay off, and you deserve to have others who are just as courageous and honest in your close circle. I hope you have a lovely day!


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