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Upcycling Ikea And McDonald’s Packaging Into Classic Bags

Parting ways with pretty packaging that accompanies perfume bottles is always a difficult thing to do. As is throwing away quirky tissue paper (we all have a collection that we hope to frame one day, right?).

Upcycling old candle jars is as close to the Creative Gods that we have ever been.

Luckily we now have Matteo Bastiani and Chiara Rivituso from Milan, Italy who have shown us how to do it right.

Their instagram page @camera60studio with over 24K followers preaches the beauty of up-cycling (and has given us some serious lockdown inspiration).

Bastiani and Rivituso have re-created many classic bag designs, including the Chanel 2.55 double flap bag (with Classica chain) using Ikea paper and plastic shopping bags.

Looking just as classy as the original design, the classic Ikea blue shade adds a layer of quirky chic (meaning we need to add it to our collection ASAP).

The Fendi Baguette bag was remade using “McDonald’s everything” and the GG Marmont bag by @gucci was remade using @lavazzai coffee packaging.

If you wanted to test your bag-making skills, they have a template on their website for their Oreo Mini Saddle bag. While we may not have the patience or skill required, we definitely have the Oreo packaging ready…

Considering we are all probably using a lot of plastic while working (and simply living) at home, we can’t help but wish to transform our endless take-away pizza boxes, ASOS packages, biscuit wrappings and coffee packets into bags we can debut when the world re-opens.

Watch this space.

Not really.

Just watch the professionals at @camera60studio instagram.

How creative have you been these past few months?


15 thoughts on “Upcycling Ikea And McDonald’s Packaging Into Classic Bags

  1. Wow. This is such a neat way to reuse plastic & paper packaging. I wish it was easy to recreate at home.

    I love reusing wine bottles for decorating the house! They’re so easy to decorate and can look so classy with some lights and twine.

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  3. You have such a wonderful sense of humor. I really connected with it!

    Your post reminded me of a woman my mom knew while she worked a cash register who’d turn candy packaging into zipper storage bags. She gifted me a few of them. And, since Japan has put into place their effort to reduce plastic usage, I’ve begun saving all my plastic bags to eventually crochet something out of them. A bag perhaps?!

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