Your Guide To The 6 Hottest Aussie TV Shows

Let’s face it, a lot of 2020 has been about finding new television shows to demolish.

The world went crazy for Tiger King. And since then, we have all been on our own journey of self-discovery to find the TV shows that suit us.

As much as I try to broaden my repertoire, I must accept the fact that my all time favourite genre is (and always will be) Aussie Drama.

Nothing beats it. The genre is filled with intelligent, witty, funny, relatable, obscure, heartfelt, raw and moving content.

While Neighbours (and the un-defeatable Paul Robinson) and Home and Away are the sitcoms that usually spring to mind for those unfamiliar with the category, I am here to inform you there are many more gems that you need to hear about today (if you haven’t already).

If you follow this list, I have no doubt by the end of 2020 you will be a convert too. #aussiedramasrule

1. Offspring

Okay so this might be the best show to ever exist.

It is about the life of Nina Proudman, an obstetrician who lives in Fitzroy, Melbourne. She struggles to find the balance between her work life, family life and her search for love.

She’s a total boss at work – cool, calm and collected – and entirely awkward and anxious in the real world, second guessing herself and literally falling over. Her love life is complicated, her family are demanding and eccentric, and her fashion sense is goals.

If you ever need to feel inspired (or just the desire to have a taste of a real Aussie life) this is a great watch.

Watch it here.

2. The Wrong Girl

Lily Woodward is a producer on a weekend breakfast show who is completely inspiring. She trusts her gut, works around the clock and hustles hard to ensure all the segments on the show are produced to perfection.

However in her real life she finds everything to be a bit harder. Her relationship with her best friend Pete just got complicated (#morethanfriends?) and her crush on the new chef she is producing on the morning show is overtaking her thoughts.

The show is filled with gorgeous Melbourne scenes which makes it even more lovely to watch: cafes and lattes and trams and city light.

While season 1 is great, season 2 is the real winner. If you can walk away not crying then I salute you.

Watch it here.

3. Rake

Following the colourful life for Sydney-based defence lawyer Cleaver Greene, Rake is raw, real, hilarious and complex.

Greene is self-destructive by nature, throwing away relationships and self-respect at any chance he can get. He is always completely loveable and admirable, defending the defenceless and working his poetic magic to charm those around him.

It’s easy to forget that this is a show. The acting is sublime and enchanting.

If you are interested in Australia’s legal system, Sydney or simply television gold, then look no further.

Watch it here.

4. The Secret She Keeps

If you love a psychological/thriller/drama, then this show is a killer.

It’s a tale that follows the lives of two women – one a lonely shop assistant with a dark past and the other a mummy blogger with a seemingly perfect life.

As the story unfolds, you realise nothing is as it seems and you’re desperate for answers and justice.

A great rainy afternoon watch. Watch here.

5. Packed To The Rafters

This is a much older Australian family drama, but it is still one of the best in the business.

The Rafters are a typical middle-class family living in the suburbs of Sydney. We meet them as their youngest son officially moves out of home (next door). As you can imagine, parents Julie and Dave are excited… but this doesn’t last long with different family members all needing to come home – because home is best.

It’s a cosy show that reminds you of the simpler and wholesome sides of life.

Watch it here.

6. Love on the spectrum

This is an Australian reality television show that follows young adults with autism as they venture into the dating game.

Their honesty is admirable as is their choice to be a part of a show that raises awareness about the difficulties as well as the triumphs of finding love on the spectrum.

Image from ABC iView

We meet couples who have already found love and follow them as they approach milestones such as marriage, and we also meet singletons who desire to find their life partner.

It is a beautiful show and I highly, highly recommend.

Watch here.

Have you heard of any of these shows? What are some of your favourites?


6 thoughts on “Your Guide To The 6 Hottest Aussie TV Shows

  1. hi! nice to meet you. this caught my eye because i enjoy aussie tv shows. i was addicted to rake, and almost watched ‘love on the spectrum’ last night without knowing it was an aussie show. i look forward to checking out some of these others as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rita, I hope you enjoy the others as well. If you have a lot of time to spare (or just want to binge a TV series), then I highly recommend starting with Offspring. It is great! Thank again and take care 🙂


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