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Startup Love: Adelaide’s Pitter Pattr Transforms The Way We Sound Online

Seeing startups *pop* their heads up with something new is always a good sign, but especially in today’s modern world, where beloved companies are shutting their doors and unemployment rates are rising.

We recently heard about Pitter Pattr and thought it would be an impressive startup to shower with love.

A sound-based content creation platform enabling the communicating of emotions through digital messaging, Pitter Pattr is transforming the way we sound online.

The platform is made up of ‘snippets’ which are around 10 seconds long and can consist of your favourite catchphrases, movie quotes, songs and personal jokes.

Maybe it’s Gretchen Wieners saying ‘that’s so fetch‘ (#throwback), The Backstreet Boys asking you to Tell Them Why (#whynot) or a snippet of your toast popping (#bestsoundintheworld?).

The concept is similar to GIFs, memes or stickers – only that it is also completely different, with instead a sharp focus on the power of sound.

Founder Patrick Payne decided to leave his job as a successful Product Manager at an ASX listed company during the global pandemic, positive that this was an opportunity to start grinding away. And that he did.

Together with his small but dedicated team and working day and night, committed to progress and development, the website was finessed and officially launched last week.

“Our mission from day one was to provide people with a simple way to communicate emotions through sound using digital messaging,” Patrick says.

“We have all had an experience where our boss or a friend sent us a message, but we weren’t quite sure of the tone or sentiment that the message was sent with.

“We solved this problem in a way that only sound could.”

Take this for example. There are so many ways to say hello.

You might want to send ‘Hello’ like Adele to your sister on a Sunday down-day and then reassure her that your feeling brighter by checking in later with U2’s version.

The content on the site is completely user-generated and can be accessed by other users and followers across the globe. All you have to do is make and account, and then start uploading.

In a world where we need digital messaging to connect to one another across the globe, or simply across the street (because that is our new reality), Pitter Pattr allows you do so in an innovative, fun and meaningful way.

Check it out here.


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