This Frog and Toad Knitting Pattern Is Toad-ally Sweet (And Do-Able)

There are 10 days left of winter in Australia which means we need to embrace all of the cosy loveliness that comes with cooler weather as much as we can.

This means warm baths, hot chocolates, snuggly clothes, sitting in a blanket burrito and knitting like a grandma (although I’m sure when the clock strikes September, it will still be okay to do all of those things too).

If you love embracing your inner grandma like us, then you will obviously love knitting.

While beanies, blankets and socks are always a great choice, we found this toad-ally gorgeous Frog and Toad knitting pattern by Kristina McGowan from Frog and Cast that you may just want to try.

Inspired by Arnold Lobel’s classic Frog and Toad series, Kristina says the series she read as a child bring her an immense “sense of comfort and home.”

“While visiting my parents for Christmas, I found our tattered copy of Frog and Toad Are Friends on the shelf and, armed with a strong Manhattan, sat by the woodstove with a ball of green yarn and sock needles and began to experiment with how one might make a Frog,” she says.

She set to work and has created the cutest creation based on her nostalgia, complete with cute cardigans, pants and bathing suits for the tiny frog and toad.

The patterns and colours chosen for the couple are super rustic and earthy, with rich greens and browns.

Kristina says, “as deeply rooted as knitting can be in our family histories, being able to articulate this particular childhood memory of mine in knitted form has been a special thrill and one I feel grateful to be able to share with all of you now.”

You can download the Frog and Toad Knitting Pattern for $15.00 on Frog and Cast and make this stunning couple for yourself.

They would be perfect for any little babies you know – or even just for your inner child.

Happy knitting.


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