A Lil Loving For The Clay Pot

We’ve all scrolled through endless clay pots online and thought that we’d love to try out our skills on a spare sunny afternoon, right?

We love the rustic, earthy, effortless look that many are able to achieve.

@Hodge_Pots have some of the most quirky pots out there (in our opinion).

After much online admiration, we decided to take matters into our own clay-covered hands.

Disclaimer: We are in no way, shape or form experts.

We purchased Crayola Air Dry Clay for around $15, cut it in half and took a step into the unknown.

We started by creating a base and rolling a thick-ish snake-like structure.

This was wrapped around the base. We softened the harsh dents out with water….before moulding it into the shape we desired.

It took about a week to dry (in our experience, it needs longer than the 3 days recommended) – and then we got painting.

Attempt #1 was “successful” enough… giving us more encouragement for the pots to come.

What tasks have you decided to take on on a sunny afternoon that filled you with joy (and a deep appreciation for actual artists)?


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