A Lil Loving For The Clay Pot

We’ve all scrolled through endless clay pots online and thought that we’d love to try out our skills on a spare sunny afternoon, right?

We love the rustic, earthy, effortless look that many are able to achieve.

@Hodge_Pots have some of the most quirky pots out there (in our opinion).

After much online admiration, we decided to take matters into our own clay-covered hands.

Disclaimer: We are in no way, shape or form experts.

We purchased Crayola Air Dry Clay for around $15, cut it in half and took a step into the unknown.

We started by creating a base and rolling a thick-ish snake-like structure.

This was wrapped around the base. We softened the harsh dents out with water….before moulding it into the shape we desired.

It took about a week to dry (in our experience, it needs longer than the 3 days recommended) – and then we got painting.

Attempt #1 was “successful” enough… giving us more encouragement for the pots to come.

What tasks have you decided to take on on a sunny afternoon that filled you with joy (and a deep appreciation for actual artists)?


11 Quotes To Get You Through Today

Just like a garden, Instagram has a few weeds, cockroaches and prickly bushes every now and again. But it’s also blooming with the sweetest roses and sunflowers – and they come in the form of quotes.

If you’re in need of a little reminder that life is grand, we have picked 11 of the sunniest sunflowers for you.

Garden GIF by TheSecretGarden - Find & Share on GIPHY

“Remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now” – @greenhouseinteriors

“Stay close to the people that make you feel like sunshine” – @innner_mind_speaks

“it’s Monday. get up. drink your water. drink your coffee or tea. smile. be positive. write your goals. slay your goals. and remember, mindset is everything.’ – @myangelmomblog

“It’s better to appear strange to others than to be a stranger to yourself” – @powerofpositivity

“Kinda cool to think someone somewhere is having the best day of their life today. Someone’s hearing ‘I love you’ for the first time today. Someone’s going to get the job of their dreams today. Someone received some kind of good news today. Tomorrow it could be your best day so keep going” – @businesschicks

“Go laugh at the places you’ve cried. Change the narrative” – @secondsapart

“Some of your life’s best days haven’t even happened yet. You have not seen it all. You have not felt it all. There are more people (and dogs) for you to meet, places to see and ‘firsts’ to experience” – @case.kenny

“Consistency is harder when no one is clapping for you. You must clap for yourself during those times. You should always be your biggest fan” – @girlyouarenotalone

“You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no” – @allyblairco

“I will never have this version of me again. Let me slow down and be with her”- @rupikaur_

“Notice what makes you feel most like you” – @Sophia.joan.short

Share this with anyone who you think needs to hear these simple reminders right now.

What are some of your favourite life sayings?

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Koala Star: One Family’s Christmas Tree Surprise

Finding tiny sparks of Christmas joy can be difficult, especially during a pandemic.

Announcements of impending lockdowns and switching up the way we celebrate with those we love can feel heavy.

And then a koala is captured on an Australian Christmas tree and all is well again.

Amanda McCormick from Adelaide, South Australia, was surprised to learn that this little guy was hanging from her Christmas tree.

Unsure, Amanda called 1300Koalaz – a charity organisation that cares for sick or injured koalas.

At first, the hotline operators were convinced that they were the victim of a prank call.

“But no, a koala desperate to get in the Christmas spirit had wandered into Amanda McCormick’s house and decided it wanted to be the fairy on the Christmas tree.”

1300Koalaz posted on their Facebook page.

The koala was able to be assisted, with the charity writing that they made sure that, “the little koala got its wish, even if it was just for a short while.”

This acts as a good reminder to look out for Australian wildlife in these warm Christmas temperatures.

One Facebook user commenting, “A great place to ask everyone to put out water for the wildlife, (buckets 97c at bunnings) place rock or stick in it for the smaller animals.”

Placing containers of water around your property is a good way to help these tiny creatures stay hydrated.

As another Facebook user wrote, “What a fantastic Decoration! Surprised the lil fella made it that high up without it falling over.”

And there you have it, an Australian Christmas is not complete without a cuddly koala shining bright as the star atop the tree.