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The Lighter Things Of The World Pt. 3

There is something in the air. In almost all of the social media content we are consuming right now, it seems that everyone has caught the ‘down bug.’

New reports on a second wave of lockdown and the seemingly insurmountable virus, the jitters from sitting on the couch for far too long, the unexpected weight gain, and just the general uncertainty around the future/our whole entire lives is proving to be a little challenging.

While it’s okay to acknowledge these anxious feelings, it is even more important to remember the light and brightness of the world.

Without further ado, here are some for your consideration.

The Celebrity 2020 Mood Challenge

2020 has brought #alltheemotions. We started the year feeling hopeful, we rode the wave of the unexpected, we embraced the change, and now we are not so sure where May, June, July and August have gone and moreover, when everything will be okay again.

The Celebrity 2020 mood challenge has swept instagram and it has us feeling more and more reassured that whatever is going on, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling are in this with us. And that is important information.

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Yup. #2020challenge

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Pretty much. Inspired by @reesewitherspoon

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Food Paintings

Is this a thing that people are already obsessing over, or is it just us?

We recently discovered a range of food paintings on our instagram feed, and quite frankly we cannot look away (or stop print screening).

Some of our favourites are by Noah Verrier and Kate Jarvik Birch.

Take a look.

(We could keep going … but it’s probably best we stopped)

Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway

Architectural Digest has just uploaded a YouTube video with Kendall Jenner, showing off her LA Lockdown Hideaway – and we cannot stop thinking about it.

The strange fluro pink circle at the entrance, the painting room, the bathroom sink made from a rock and the gold bath are some highlights.

It is super homely and lovely and if you’re a sticky-beak, a great watch.

You can watch it here.

By Papaya Earrings

By Papaya is a small family Etsy business run by three sisters from Leicester, England. They make jewellery, stationary and artwork and their designs are as cute as a button.

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Yay! Received our first order today🍓

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All of their jewellery has been handmade since June this year and is inspired by bright colours, juicy fruits and quirky shapes.

Even if you’re just wearing a track suit everyday, these earrings would still be the perfect accessory.

Find out more here.

This Quote

This post by @np.illustrates is so important to remember.

Please take care of your 3 homes.

What is helping you to keep things light and bright lately?


Get Inspo From Gigi Hadid’s Quirky New Home

Pasta-facade cabinets, mis-matched sofas, a New Yorker bathroom wall, and a glamour room of dreams.

Gigi Hadid has shared her stunning new home with her instagram followers, deeming it her ‘passion project’ – and we can see why.

Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram

If you too have been binge-watching Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills all quarantine long, you will be able to see the evolution of Hadid’s style from her first New York apartment to her current nest.

Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram

Designing and curating all the quirkiest inches of her house, Hadid says she is grateful to all the creatives, like Gordon Kahn, who embraced her ideas and didn’t call her crazy.

Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram
Image from @gigihadid instagram

That is of course excluding her mother, Yolanda Hadid, who Gigi says, “is the greatest homemaking-sounding-board I could ask for (she called me crazy when required).”

A personal favourite snap she shared was her perfume and product wall in her bathroom. (I think we both have the same hand cream)

Image from @gigihadid instagram

Hadid says the design all came together just before she needed to move out of the city in order to quarantine.

She is now looking forward to spending time enjoying all of the special corners of her home.

Gigi is due to have her first baby with partner Zayn Malik in September 2020.

We will just have to patiently wait for the quirky nursery photos to follow in the future.

What’s your favourite spot in her home?

All images used in blog sourced from Gigi Hadid’s instagram @gigihadid

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Taylor Swift’s Folklaw Is The Twinkly Cosy Album 2020 Needed

Isolation has us baking sourdough bread, learning new card games and researching how to make soy wax candles. And that is only on a Monday.

For Taylor Swift, it has led her down the path to creating one of her most magical albums yet.

“In isolation my imagination has run wild and this album is the result, a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness,” says Taylor.

Folklaw is a glowing album that has filled many with a cosy-autumn-afternoon-feeling (that’s definitely a thing, right?).

Taylor says the album created in isolation, “started with imagery.”

“Visuals that popped into my mind and piqued my curiosity,” she says.

Think old cardigans, twinkly yellow fairy lights, wine (or tea) filled sunny evenings, nostalgia, fire light, salt air, country towns, ghosts, cliffs, and long-gone parties.

“Picking up a pen was my way of escaping into fantasy, history, and memory.”

“I found myself not only writing my own stories, but also writing about or from the perspective of people I’ve never met, people I’ve known, or those I wish I hadn’t.”

In this ways, these stories become folklaw.

“A tale that becomes folklore is one that is passed down and whispered around. Sometimes sung about.”

Taylor swift.

“Now it’s up to you to pass them down,” she say.

And that we will Taylor.

This album has created an energy that 2020 was in desperate need of. And we couldn’t be more thankful.

All that’s left to do is say “cheers to you, Taylor” as we sip wine in our old cardigans and reminisce while hitting repeat one million times. And that is only on a Monday.

Have you listened to folklaw? What are your thoughts?