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The Perfume Search Engine You Need To Know About

There is nothing quite like having a whiff of a scent and being transported to a certain time and place.

Consciously choosing different perfumes for different stages of your life is a surefire way to be enchanted by nostalgia (or just a surefire way to be labelled a ‘Perfume Geek‘).

For us, Brittany Spears’ Fantasy marked middle school, Yves Saint Laurent’s Parisianne evokes high school memories and Jo Malone stirs those from university.

As we grow, our tastes grow (and our budgets therefore defeatedly oblige); Diptyque, Byredo and Serge Lutens now among our most beloved.

When my perfume bottles appeared to be emptying, my sister would get the emergency call and we would be off to the shops to replenish.

That was, of course, until Covid came along.

But hope is not lost. I recently came across Wikiparfum and it the best alternative in the current circumstances.

Essentially like a Wikipedia for perfumes, the search engine has a database of all of the fragrances in the world (or so it claims).

You can explore by brand, name or raw materials. Once you find the perfume you like, you can also find perfumes that are similar to it.

Not only is it super useful and informative, it is all completely gorgeous online space to peruse all afternoon long.


As I wrote in my recent article Things I’d Buy If I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent, Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is a scent I can’t stop thinking about.

Tom Ford describes the scent as “black cherry’s ripe flesh dripping in cherry liqueur glistens with a teasing touch of bitter almond.”

While it may be a little out of my budget (small bottles marked with a $450 pricetag), a quick browse on Wikiparfum was able to lead me in the direction of perfumes with similar raw ingredients.

According to Wikiparfum, Lost Cherry has ingredients cherry, rose, jasmine, liquor, cedar wood, maraschino cherry, musk, tonka bean, vanilla and walnut.

More to the point, Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Cherry Blossom Millésime 2020, Jette Joop’s Jette 7flowers Cherry Blossom and Nina Ricci‘s Les Belles De Ricci Cherry Fantasy all have similar ingredients (and justifiable prices).

A trip to a local department store to stock up on these other cherry scents is therefore pretty essential.


So if you are also a ‘Perfume Geek’ or simply a Curious George, then head on over to Wikiparfum.

What are some your favourite perfumes?

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Startup Love: Adelaide’s Pitter Pattr Transforms The Way We Sound Online

Seeing startups *pop* their heads up with something new is always a good sign, but especially in todays modern world, where beloved companies are shutting their doors and unemployment rates are rising.

We recently heard about Pitter Pattr and thought it would be an impressive startup to shower with love.

A sound-based content creation platform enabling the communicating of emotions through digital messaging, Pitter Pattr is transforming the way we sound online.

The platform is made up of ‘snippets’ which are around 10 seconds long and can consist of your favourite catchphrases, movie quotes, songs and personal jokes.

Maybe it’s Gretchen Wieners saying ‘that’s so fetch‘ (#throwback), The Backstreet Boys asking you to Tell Them Why (#whynot) or a snippet of your toast popping (#bestsoundintheworld?).

The concept is similar to GIFs, memes or stickers – only that it is also completely different, with instead a sharp focus on the power of sound.

Founder Patrick Payne decided to leave his job as a successful Product Manager at an ASX listed company during the global pandemic, positive that this was an opportunity to start grinding away. And that he did.

Together with his small but dedicated team and working day and night, committed to progress and development, the website was finessed and officially launched last week.

“Our mission from day one was to provide people with a simple way to communicate emotions through sound using digital messaging,” Patrick says.

“We have all had an experience where our boss or a friend sent us a message, but we weren’t quite sure of the tone or sentiment that the message was sent with.

“We solved this problem in a way that only sound could.”

Take this for example. There are so many ways to say hello.

You might want to send ‘Hello’ like Adele to your sister on a Sunday down-day and then reassure her that your feeling brighter by checking in later with U2’s version.

The content on the site is completely user-generated and can be accessed by other users and followers across the globe. All you have to do is make and account, and then start uploading.

In a world where we need digital messaging to connect to one another across the globe, or simply across the street (because that is our new reality), Pitter Pattr allows you do so in an innovative, fun and meaningful way.

Check it out here.

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The Lighter Things Of The World Pt. 3

There is something in the air. In almost all of the social media content we are consuming right now, it seems that everyone has caught the ‘down bug.’

New reports on a second wave of lockdown and the seemingly insurmountable virus, the jitters from sitting on the couch for far too long, the unexpected weight gain, and just the general uncertainty around the future/our whole entire lives is proving to be a little challenging.

While it’s okay to acknowledge these anxious feelings, it is even more important to remember the light and brightness of the world.

Without further ado, here are some for your consideration.

The Celebrity 2020 Mood Challenge

2020 has brought #alltheemotions. We started the year feeling hopeful, we rode the wave of the unexpected, we embraced the change, and now we are not so sure where May, June, July and August have gone and moreover, when everything will be okay again.

The Celebrity 2020 mood challenge has swept instagram and it has us feeling more and more reassured that whatever is going on, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling are in this with us. And that is important information.

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Yup. #2020challenge

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Pretty much. Inspired by @reesewitherspoon

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Food Paintings

Is this a thing that people are already obsessing over, or is it just us?

We recently discovered a range of food paintings on our instagram feed, and quite frankly we cannot look away (or stop print screening).

Some of our favourites are by Noah Verrier and Kate Jarvik Birch.

Take a look.

(We could keep going … but it’s probably best we stopped)

Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway

Architectural Digest has just uploaded a YouTube video with Kendall Jenner, showing off her LA Lockdown Hideaway – and we cannot stop thinking about it.

The strange fluro pink circle at the entrance, the painting room, the bathroom sink made from a rock and the gold bath are some highlights.

It is super homely and lovely and if you’re a sticky-beak, a great watch.

You can watch it here.

By Papaya Earrings

By Papaya is a small family Etsy business run by three sisters from Leicester, England. They make jewellery, stationary and artwork and their designs are as cute as a button.

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Yay! Received our first order today🍓

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All of their jewellery has been handmade since June this year and is inspired by bright colours, juicy fruits and quirky shapes.

Even if you’re just wearing a track suit everyday, these earrings would still be the perfect accessory.

Find out more here.

This Quote

This post by @np.illustrates is so important to remember.

Please take care of your 3 homes.

What is helping you to keep things light and bright lately?