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Share The Dignity Targets Period Poverty In Melbourne Lockdown

Share the Dignity is an organisation that works to directly benefit women in crisis experiencing “period poverty.”

Women in crisis typically refers to women who are homeless, fleeing domestic violence or doing it tough.

“When a woman is doing it tough, the last thing on her mind should be dealing with her period,” Share The Dignity say.

Period poverty in lockdown is a rising critical situation facing many women across the world.

In response to recent news that nine housing estate towers would be closed and contained in Victoria following coronavirus outbreaks, Share The Dignity has donated $15,000 worth of period products.

These new restrictions for public housing estates affect more than 3,000 people – typically people who already face serious financial difficulties – who are now required to stay inside their homes to help slow the spread.

Measures are said to be in place for at least 5 days, in order to ensure that all residents are tested.

The lack of access to the most basic human necessities has prompted many local businesses and charities to pitch in.

Share The Dignity believe no Aussie should be left behind, “that’s why we’re working with @FoodbankVic to safely deliver period products to those without.”

According to Foodbank Victoria, Share The Dignity donated 3,342 packs of sanitary pads and tampons to help public housing residents in lockdown.

Last year Share The Dignity announced they are working with Woolworths.

The Australian supermarket giant “committed to donating five cents from every packet of pads and tampons sold in each of their 995 stores across Australia.”

Share The Dignity says this means up to a million dollars each year, “to help us ensure that Australian women and girls are no longer forced to use wadded up toilet paper to manage their periods.”

This August Share The Dignity has their bi-annual Dignity Drive.

The Dignity Drive relies on the Australian public to donate pads, tampons and any other kinds of mensuration support to Dignity Drives across the country; Woolworths stores being one of these said drop-off points.

If you wish to donate this August, find out more here.

And let’s ensure that period poverty is not neglected from consideration during this pandemic as we “share the dignity.”

Find out more about Share The Dignity here.

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Giant Teddy Bears Enforce Social Distancing On Parisian Streets

There are 1.5 metre rules wherever you go these days. And rightly so.

Greeting one another with fist pumps and elbow bumping is now the new norm.

But no one said anything about social distancing with giant teddy bears.

This image has gone viral across the twitter sphere, with many people deeming it everything from genius to just down right cute.

In order to enforce social distancing, the Parisian cafe has placed giant teddy bears on every second table ensuring the human-cafe-dwellers don’t get too close to one another.

Other cafes are getting on board too.

The teddy bear display helps the otherwise empty space look like a normal bustling Parisian day.

We’ll have one chocolate croissant and one giant teddy bear, s’il vous plaît!

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Normal People And Fleabag Cast Unite For Perfect TV Crossover

From the comfort of our beds, global lockdown has united us with epic viral television shows; Normal People being one such example.

We wept and ogled as two broken people found one another and fell in love.

Another show that made us do this (before lockdown, no less) was the phenomenal Fleabag. Specifically Season 2 (AKA the series with the hot priest).

RTÉ Does Comic Relief has raised money in support of The Community Foundation for Ireland to help those most in need as a result of Covid 19.

And in doing so, they have created the perfect television crossover.

Normal People star Connell Waldron (played by Paul Mescal) is seen in a confessional, admitting his troubles with the concept of love to Fleabag’s Priest.

With a priest that uncomfortably and unusually relates to these woes as well as appearances from Normal People’s Marianne Sheridan (played by Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell’s infamous silver chain, the short film is simply gold (or silver, like the chain).

Connell’s silver chain reached peak fame when an instagram account was created in its honour, amassing 185K followers.

Who would have thought that this television cross-over is exactly what the world needed to see right now?

You can watch the clip here.

Although this confirms nothing, we hope this means new seasons of Fleabag and Normal people may be in the works. (Please!)

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