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Koala Star: One Family’s Christmas Tree Surprise

Finding tiny sparks of Christmas joy can be difficult, especially during a pandemic.

Announcements of impending lockdowns and switching up the way we celebrate with those we love can feel heavy.

And then a koala is captured on an Australian Christmas tree and all is well again.

Amanda McCormick from Adelaide, South Australia, was surprised to learn that this little guy was hanging from her Christmas tree.

Unsure, Amanda called 1300Koalaz – a charity organisation that cares for sick or injured koalas.

At first, the hotline operators were convinced that they were the victim of a prank call.

“But no, a koala desperate to get in the Christmas spirit had wandered into Amanda McCormick’s house and decided it wanted to be the fairy on the Christmas tree.”

1300Koalaz posted on their Facebook page.

The koala was able to be assisted, with the charity writing that they made sure that, “the little koala got its wish, even if it was just for a short while.”

This acts as a good reminder to look out for Australian wildlife in these warm Christmas temperatures.

One Facebook user commenting, “A great place to ask everyone to put out water for the wildlife, (buckets 97c at bunnings) place rock or stick in it for the smaller animals.”

Placing containers of water around your property is a good way to help these tiny creatures stay hydrated.

As another Facebook user wrote, “What a fantastic Decoration! Surprised the lil fella made it that high up without it falling over.”

And there you have it, an Australian Christmas is not complete without a cuddly koala shining bright as the star atop the tree.

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It’s About Bloody Time: Period Products Are Free In Scotland

Scotland has become the first nation in the world to ensure period products are obtainable free of charge.

Introduced by Member of Scottish Parliament Monica Lennon on 23 April, the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill has now passed.

In other words, IT’S OFFICIAL.

The Bill, as passed, means that local authorities, education providers and specified public service bodies must ensure that period products are able to be accessed free of charge by all persons who need to use them.

Period Poverty occurs when people who need period products are unable to afford them.

The Scottish Parliament says Monica Lennon, ‘sees these products as a basic necessity, and believes that providing access to them is important for people’s dignity.’

The universal scheme will operate on an ‘opt-in’ basis.

This means that anyone in Scotland who requests the products to access them, completely free, ‘regardless of age, gender or income.’

The Policy Memorandum states, ‘By operating on such a basis the Bill will also ensure that those with no fixed address or homeless people will also have access to the period products they need.

‘There will be no means-testing or referral system in place.

‘Giving access to all will mean that women, girls and trans people are not financially penalised for menstruating.

‘It will help to tackle period poverty whilst minimising any perceived stigma which may be associated with being given free products.’

As Monica Lennon says on her twitter account, ‘what a journey’ and, more aptly,

‘…it’s ‘about BLOODY time.’

Find out more here.

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There Are Tiny Mouse Houses Hidden In Sweden

There are little letterboxes on tiny houses next door to miniature barbers and pharmacies hidden within the streets of Sweden and beyond.

The Malmö-based street art collective called Anonymouse MMX are known for their tiny creations around the world, fit for mice.

The intricacies and details in each piece beg your attention.

Inside tiny rooms are tiny lights that glow at night. There are Christmas trees and book shops, jazz clubs and patisseries.

These pop up creations are located in seen and unseen places and bring a touch of magic to the modern world. All you have to do is find them.

Have a look for yourself:

According to their instagram, they also love a good, cheesy pun.

You can see albums from Taylor Swiss, Briehanna and Feta James popping up in their tiny record store.

Check out this cuteness for yourself on their instagram page here.