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Good News: A Teary Surprise For 94 Year Old Ken

Each day there is plenty of good news pouring through the cracks of the dark stream of news simultaneously flowing.

Just like this.

Thistleton Lodge in the United Kingdom uploaded this post to their Facebook page on April 18 2020 and it has gone viral (for all of the right reasons).

In the post the retirement home say, ‘We know our residents are missing their loved ones at this time but let’s not forget those who sadly aren’t here with us anymore.’

Ken would take a photo of his late wife to bed with him each night. When one if his caregivers found out, they decided to surprise him.

‘Today, one of our lovely staff Kia Mariah Tobin gave Ken a pillow with his beloved wife on who we also cared for. Safe to say we all shed a tear with Ken today,’ the post says.

Ken’s reaction to the surprise is so beautiful and shows just how much we all mean to one another in this world.

Staying up to date with the good news of the world is equally, if not more, important right now.

Follow @goodnews_movement and other accounts like it to ensure you do.

Have a happy, good day.

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Too Polite (Even Amidst This Health Pandemic)

My whole life I’ve made an effort to make sure people around me feel at ease.

At school I was always making sure to befriend the new student. At home I would always try to maintain the peace. I smile at strangers on the bus, assist people who look like they need something and try to make sure people always feel assured.

I’m a real believer in the power of being kind. Reducing other peoples discomfort is a battle I have subconsciously taken on.

But it could have deadly consequences.

I was sitting in my university class today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. My uni has decided not to shut down and has given very little guidelines thus far regarding social distancing and how to achieve this when seminar attendance is still deemed essential (that’s a rant for another day).

And so – regretfully – I attended class.

There was a girl who arrived with a nasty cough. She was sitting opposite me and telling those around her that she had been to the gym that morning.

Knowing that it has been advised by the government to forgo this pastime, I had my red flags up.

Already nervous that I was in the same classroom as someone who was coughing every one and a half minutes, you can only image my shock when she walked over to the empty seat next to me.

Her laptop had run out of charge and the seat beside me was the only one free that was near the power point.

She asked if she could sit there. I agreed.

The class went on. For 5 hours. And she coughed every minute. That’s around 300 dry coughs (Note: a symptom of Coronavirus). And I sat there and accepted it.

None of those coughs were aimed at the crease of her elbow (as advised by the health authorities). She maintained low effort mouth covering at all times.

And I couldn’t allow myself to move away. I even engaged in discussions with her just so she would feel that I wasn’t being rude.

We had a coffee break and when I returned to class I didn’t move seats – even though that was my opportunity to. I went back to the same seat because I thought it would be too obvious if I moved… Even though I knew the coughing would resume.

I have come home from class and already feel a fever coming on (hypochondriac much?).

Look, she may not have coronavirus. But she definitely had something. And my politeness got in the way and didn’t allow me to put myself first.

I feel angry now. At this girl for attending class with poor health, at the uni for not allowing us to isolate at this time, but mostly at me, for not moving.

Have you experienced this in a public space before? How do you handle it?

How would you have handled this situation?

Are you also Miss Polite? If so, how do we sprinkle in a little more Miss-Healthly-Amount-Of-Kind-And-Smart to ensure we (and those around us) are safe?

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Political Protein: The Boy Who Cracked The Egg On An Australian Senator

In a global climate where tweets and comments made by people high in power embolden violent extremists, one 17 year old school boy decided to confront a controversial Australian Senator armed with only a mobile phone and an egg.

Following the Christchurch terrorist attacks which saw 49 people lose their lives, teenager Will Connolly ‘egged’ Australian Senator Fraser Anning at a Conservative National Party Meeting.

Earlier that day the Senator had penned a letter in response to the terror attacks blaming ‘the real cause of the bloodshed’ on the ‘immigration program that allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand.’

The incident was captured on Connolly’s phone and was quick to reach viral status.

Now with over half a million followers on his personal Instagram account, Connolly made international headlines for his behaviour and has been declared a ‘hero’ by social media.

The 17 year old was released without charges over the incident, but nation-wide conversations over the incident and the Senator’s actions continue the roar on.

petition calling for Anning to be removed from parliament has received more than 1.3 million signatures. 

The change.org petition asks that the Senator be pushed to resign from his position and further, ‘be investigated by law enforcement agencies for supporting right wing terrorism.’

Along with community action, local artists have created murals around Australia depicting ‘Egg Boy.’ 

And the support doesn’t stop at Australia. Tributes from international artists have also spread throughout the internet.

Even Australian basketball player Ben Simmons was spotted with the words ‘egg boy’ on his shoes before playing a NBA game over the weekend.

While there has also been debate around any kind of violence, political and otherwise, being wrong, the incident overall has been celebrated for the fact that it has shown the world that ‘violent words’ are, on the whole, intolerable within society.

It will be interesting to see what the young man and others like him will do with this platform. Keep watch, world. There may be more omelettes to come.