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The Perfume Search Engine You Need To Know About

There is nothing quite like having a whiff of a scent and being transported to a certain time and place. Consciously choosing different perfumes for different stages of your life is a surefire way to be enchanted by nostalgia (or just a surefire way to be labelled a ‘Perfume Geek‘). For us, Brittany Spears’ Fantasy […]

The Lighter Things Of The World Pt. 3

There is something in the air. In almost all of the social media content we are consuming right now, it seems that everyone has caught the ‘down bug.’ New reports on a second wave of lockdown and the seemingly insurmountable virus, the jitters from sitting on the couch for far too long, the unexpected weight […]

Upcycling Ikea And McDonald’s Packaging Into Classic Bags

Parting ways with pretty packaging that accompanies perfume bottles is always a difficult thing to do. As is throwing away quirky tissue paper (we all have a collection that we hope to frame one day, right?). Upcycling old candle jars is as close to the Creative Gods that we have ever been. Luckily we now […]

The Lady Who Married The Guy From Her Train Commute

Zoë Folbigg is an author and journalist from Hertfordshire, England. She is also a woman who made oogley eyes with her “Train Man” for a year and more to the point, married him. So how did this love story begin? (Warning: if you already have unrealistic expectation of love, do not read this. It will […]

Inter-Abled Couple Open Up Online To Half A Million People

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward have been dating for over four years and in that time, they’ve discovered that people find their relationship to be “pretty peculiar.” “One of us has a severe muscle wasting disease, and uses a wheelchair. The other one of us…doesn’t,” they say. Shane has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (or ‘SMA’ for […]

The Lighter Things Of The World Pt. 2

Life is slowly going back to the way it was. The possibility of venturing into a cafe for a coffee (while keeping your distance) is now more of a reality than it was in March. And we will take that, and anything close to that, as a win. While we can’t plan a trip to […]

Friends Who Don’t Ask You Any Questions

It is surely assumed that when catching up with a friend for dinner or coffee, they will ask you at least one question. Not questions like ‘how are you going?‘ as you both settle into your seats. I mean questions that show that they have a genuine interest and understanding of your life. ‘How’s your […]

7 Indigenous Australian Owned Businesses To Support (Now And Always)

On May 25 2020, a 46 year-old African American man named George Floyd died. He had allegedly used counterfeit money when Minneapolis police arrived at the scene. A white male officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes. “Please, I can’t breathe,” cried Floyd. The police officer did not move. Floyd’s […]


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