Modern Life

The Lighter Things Of The World Pt. 2

Life is slowly going back to the way it was. The possibility of venturing into a cafe for a coffee (while keeping your distance) is now more of a reality than it was in March. And we will take that, and anything close to that, as a win. While we can’t plan a trip to […]

Friends Who Don’t Ask You Any Questions

It is surely assumed that when catching up with a friend for dinner or coffee, they will ask you at least one question. Not questions like ‘how are you going?‘ as you both settle into your seats. I mean questions that show that they have a genuine interest and understanding of your life. ‘How’s your […]

6 Indigenous Australian Owned Businesses To Support (Now And Always)

On May 25 2020, a 46 year-old African American man named George Floyd died. He had allegedly used counterfeit money when Minneapolis police arrived at the scene. A white male officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes. “Please, I can’t breathe,” cried Floyd. The police officer did not move. Floyd’s […]

The Lighter Things Of The World: Reunited Lovers

Life is not always a fairytale. But sometimes it definitely is proven to be so. This gorgeous video has gone viral this week featuring Jean and Walter. Goodable posted the video on their twitter page via Wendy Willard and it has spread far and wide throughout the internet. Separated due to Covid-19, the video shows […]

7 Cute Irish Airbnbs To Visit Post-Covid

So we can all agree then, we took a lot of things for granted before Covid-19. Some more deep and meaningful (like seeing your family and friends). Others less meaningful, but still hard (like travel). Bleak news reports inform us that international travel will not resume until 2023 at this stage. But that won’t stop […]

How To Create The Dreamiest Flower Wall

I love a fresh bunch of flowers. What I don’t love is the exorbitant price tag that often comes with it. It’s hard to convince the people around me that they are a worthy purchase. “They’ll just die,” is the common remark. And I know they do. But why dwell on the negative. Let’s just […]

The Equation For The Ultimate Cosy Day (At Home)

If someone asked you to define ‘cosy,’ what would you say? I think it is a feeling. Perhaps even an instinct. You’ll just know when something is cosy. Modern culture has recently adopted the Danish term ‘Hygge.’ Defined as ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,’ this […]

The Lighter Things Of The World: A French Château

As we scroll our instagram feeds on a Monday night (and Tuesday night and Wednesday night and Thursday night etc), there is the possibility of us stumbling upon tiny little sparks of joy. And in the current global climate, any kind of inspiration is welcome. This is the post that I fell in love with […]

The Lighter Things Of The World Pt. 1

The world is a little scary at the moment. We’re forced to stay inside, we can’t visit our grandparents and there is no way we can consider the possibility of travelling to NYC any time soon. Plans, dreams and goals all need to take a back seat. But that doesn’t mean our happiness does. Tiny, […]


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