A Wintry, Nostalgic Chicken Brodo Recipe

There’s something about chicken bone broth (or ‘brodo‘ as my family calls it). I can’t seem to go longer than 2 months without asking my mum to make it for me. ASAP. I think there’s something nostalgic about it. Mum would always make it for us in the winter, just like her mum used to […]

How To Create The Dreamiest Flower Wall

I love a fresh bunch of flowers. What I don’t love is the exorbitant price tag that often comes with it. It’s hard to convince the people around me that they are a worthy purchase. “They’ll just die,” is the common remark. And I know they do. But why dwell on the negative. Let’s just […]

A Quick and Easy Açai Bowl Recipe

Laying down in bed for a proportionately longer amount of time than usual, eating endless bowls of pasta and drinking a few too many hot drinks is dreamy, don’t get me wrong. But so is the feeling of going for sunny walks and filling your body with deliciously healthy snacks. It’s true that the store-bought […]