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Koala Star: One Family’s Christmas Tree Surprise

Finding tiny sparks of Christmas joy can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. Announcements of impending lockdowns and switching up the way we celebrate with those we love can feel heavy. And then a koala is captured on an Australian Christmas tree and all is well again. Amanda McCormick from Adelaide, South Australia, was surprised […]

It’s About Bloody Time: Period Products Are Free In Scotland

Scotland has become the first nation in the world to ensure period products are obtainable free of charge. Introduced by Member of Scottish Parliament Monica Lennon on 23 April, the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill has now passed. In other words, IT’S OFFICIAL. The Bill, as passed, means that local authorities, education providers and […]

There Are Tiny Mouse Houses Hidden In Sweden

There are little letterboxes on tiny houses next door to miniature barbers and pharmacies hidden within the streets of Sweden and beyond. The Malmö-based street art collective called Anonymouse MMX are known for their tiny creations around the world, fit for mice. The intricacies and details in each piece beg your attention. Inside tiny rooms […]

Meet Pistachio: The Green Pup From Sardinia

If there’s one thing 2020 needed, it was a pastel green puppy called Pistachio. On 9 October 2020, a litter of five was born to Christian Mallocci’s working dogs in the costal town, Sardinia. All was well except for the fact that one of the puppies appeared to have green fur. There was therefore no […]

Chocolate Rains Down On Streets Of Swiss Town

Waking up in Switzerland on a snowy morning is only a dream for many of us right now. Now add in a chocolatey-rainy-snow storm and you have hit a whole new level of fantasy. For residents in Olten, Switzerland, this was their reality. According to Associated Press “the Lindt & Spruengli company confirmed local reports […]

7 Indigenous Australian Owned Businesses To Support (Now And Always)

On May 25 2020, a 46 year-old African American man named George Floyd died. He had allegedly used counterfeit money when Minneapolis police arrived at the scene. A white male officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes. “Please, I can’t breathe,” cried Floyd. The police officer did not move. Floyd’s […]

The Lighter Things Of The World: Reunited Lovers

Life is not always a fairytale. But sometimes it definitely is proven to be so. This gorgeous video has gone viral this week featuring Jean and Walter. Goodable posted the video on their twitter page via Wendy Willard and it has spread far and wide throughout the internet. Separated due to Covid-19, the video shows […]

Good News: A Teary Surprise For 94 Year Old Ken

Each day there is plenty of good news pouring through the cracks of the dark stream of news simultaneously flowing. Just like this. Thistleton Lodge in the United Kingdom uploaded this post to their Facebook page on April 18 2020 and it has gone viral (for all of the right reasons). In the post the […]


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